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Promo Codes - Support Devs


What is Promo Codes? Promo Codes is a service built to offer developers a place to advertise their high quality apps, in exchange for offering users a chance to win it for free!
Every 12 hours youll be shown a random app from our high quality, curated selection. If youre lucky, theres a small chance youll be able to get it for free! If youre not lucky, youve hopefully discovered a high quality app that you may want to buy/download anyway.
If you want to find high quality apps and support developers whilst also having chance to win the odd app for free, you should definitely download Promo Codes!
The chances of winning are low, but fair. This app has been designed with the intention of being used over long periods of time, where you will eventually win, but its statistically unlikely that youll win in the first few days.
If youre expecting to win often, youre wasting your time downloading Promo Codes.

If youd like to see your app promoted within Promo Codes, send me an email at promocodes@underwoodapps . com